Thursday, July 8, 2010

:D how exciting hahaha,

this is soooo cool i now have 7 followers, (its cool for me)

BUT! this day has been awesome, all Day I've been putting my life my choices and my weakness on the lord, and He has been doing such great things ALready in this man's life. its outrageous.
As i was sitting on the couch after soccer i was remembering that i should get into the word, and as i did this i could hear a voice, in my head, telling me not to forget Matthew. and as i was pondering this odd moment i just closed my eyes and flashing of pages came before me, and with vivid detail i could see the page numbers 006 and 007. with this vision i just sat there till it hit me IT WAS GOD and i literately JUMPED up and RAN to my book case to get a bible with a book marker inside the book at Matthew 5, (this book marker was the ONLY marker this bible had in it) and i read and read and read, seeing that in deed it was God telling me exactly what i needed, oh Praise the Lord.
But on other news I've been vert sensitive tonight, not to ppl or my emotions but to the protection of my little lady, the one i get to Love like nothing else and to make feel sooo sooo special she is soooo sweet, SOOOO unbelievable. I cherish her. I would be satisfied with being able to collect the ground she walks on. and the one thing i HATE is what that Stupid twilight book has put into her imagination, She's precious and soooo innocent. If her parents knew half of her and what she does right and not to focus on the mistaken every seventeenth blue moon, they would feel sooo SOOOOO pleased and honored with the Woman of God she has become,

Lord you catch me falling(heart)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


HAHA, how awesome is this, This morning i was walking round my house cause i need to shower for my little fun filled date with my little girl but the bathrooms being used. so i decided to blog a little. and to my super duper surprise is that i now have SIX count em, one two three four five SIX followers hahaahah, not that anyone reads em but i have to little friends, ok on another note.
Sunday(fathers day) my dad and i decided it was time i buy leahs corolla we were going to offer 11k but she said shed take 8 for it, which is suh a blessing cause now i have a butt ton of money to play with for things needed fixed and so forth.....its raining, this is homosexual seeing that my girlfriend and i were going to have 1 complete outside summer funday filled with sun the pool tennis all the good stuf:( well......well cuddle:D hahahahaha
ok good bye.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Well its been like forever, and i still have.......2 followers ^_^ but only one follows, so its ok. cause this "someone" is the only someone that matters:*

So school today sucked alot, my german teacher was a straight up jerk to me, so it looks like were back to block one. "m just going to push harder. And on another note, my Girlfriend and I have decided best to prove our need for Christ by depending on him for our strength and his might to pull us through the mud.............. (Atleastiwaspulledthrough) not talking ALL day, and we haven't. But, I've thought about her alot. Ok, every second i have, i cant get her past my thoughts, not for a second.
( :* i love you cara) I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Oh yes i played soccer with Joe today, and cut the grass and helped dig a trench hahahaha. not that much fun but its ok.
everyone enjoy their sleep time:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ha, i am sneaky :D I am in school on my little iPod, cause we have an am activity period and I have no work......"wink"

So this post I a little up date on my playing,
This Sunday I played with the worship band for my youth group.
I usally play every other week but since of Easter and other sircustances
we hadn't played in about 1 month. IT FREAKING ROCKED it wa sooo good
sounded amazing and everything, I can comforterably say we lead ppl
to the lord with our worship.

Stinken yesterday I worked so sorry but no update on music:(.....( not like anyone acutually reads this)

p.s. I'm so fed up SO fed up I can't live with out following him.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi there, how is everyone on this wonderful Sunday, God filled morning?
- I'm hoping wonderful.
Well's its the fourth day of my excursion and im actually learning alot, I cant wait to get to the end of week 5, it's going to be brilliant:D
(on a side note, I'm not following any form of
organized pre-planned set of lessons.
I'm making it what i want it
to be as I go along.)
Today i started out with a new pattern, a very up beat positive panic at the disco eck, hi hat patten.

At first i played a simple 4/4 beat playing 8th notes on closed hi hats, and bass hit's on beats 1 and three, and snare hit's on beats 2 and 4. I soon after added hi hat lifts on the ands on 1 and 3

- 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello, Bloggers

I do know that this is day three but....I'm going to talk of day two.
yesterday I ran with the concept of the high hat lift and added different bass drum variations
such as...... hitting the bass on beats 3 the a of 3 and the & of 4 in the first "measure" you could call it and having bass hits on the & of 2 then on the 3 and followed by the & of 4. alternating each pattern one after the other.

"lets try this" 1 & 2 & 3 &a4 &, / 1 & 2 & 3 &a4 &
If you may be able to tell, i Bolded each of the bass hits:D.
that might help alittle:-[
(also if anyone has any questions please ask them, cause i not only want this to be a learning experience for me but for you all aswell.)


Friday, April 9, 2010

Hit it home,

YAY CARA!!!!! thats what i say, cause it was HER brilliant idea for me to start blogging about my music, SO everyone YAY! cara.
ALSO....If she gets 50 YAY's by the first, you have a chance of winning a GIVE AWAY:D
(one "yay" per blogger, prizes may vary)

God is good, SpeakingForHuman:D